How to Fuck Strangers with your Eyes Recommend Outcall Escorts

In romantic exploits, the eyes are an important aspect that determines whether you would want to have sex with the other person or not. In most occasions, sex usually starts with foreplay and ends with vaginal or anal and orgasm. However, there is a kind of sex that is also quite energetic and mind blowing but, non-penetrative and, involves a partner that you do not know. That is called eye fucking.

In eye fucking with a stranger, both of you instantly feel an attraction that seems to draw you closer to one another and, intensifies when you meet up. While you are not physically in each other’s arms, you both feel the sensation run through your minds and bodies just like in actual intercourse. Looks may sometimes be deceiving but, most of the time, the person is suggestively staring at you directly.

Here are tricks on how to fuck strangers with your eyes:  

The initial glance

Before you begin eye fucking, take a good look at the other person to be sure that he or she can fulfill your desires. You can either look at them directly from a distance or take glimpses from the corner of your eyes. Also look at the surroundings.

Closing the distance

Here is where you should secure a vantage point by moving closer to the person or giving them some space in case you might feel discomfort. Nevertheless, both of you should be at a closer distance in the person’s line of sight.

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